Controlling Premature Ejaculation

As we progress into the 21st century and people become more comfortable talking about sexual issues, it has become clear that a prevailing problem among men is premature ejaculation (PE). Almost one-third of all men in all age groups suffers from premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation may be diagnosed when a man consistently ejaculates soon after stimulation begins on the penis, and almost in all cases, when the man reaches orgasm much sooner than his partner, which causes consistent distress between both parties.

The good news is that there are ways and techniques that can help control premature ejaculation. The outlook is good that a man can extend the sexual experience and prolong sex with his partner. Here are a few well-known techniques used to control premature ejaculation.

Stop and Go – This technique may be frustrating at first, but with consistent use, it can help to control premature ejaculation and extend the lovemaking process. With stop and go, the male or female stops stimulating the penis as soon as an orgasm feels eminent. The man simply pulls out of the vagina, or the woman stops oral or manual stimulation, and allows the "feeling" of orgasm to subside, which takes usually 30 seconds. Then stimulation begins again. With consistent use, this can help the man control premature ejaculation when an orgasm is near.

Condoms – In many cases of premature ejaculation, the man simply has an over-sensitive penis. By using a condom, or even two at once, a man can reduce the stimulation to the penis and enjoy having sex much longer.

The Penis Squeeze – Before an orgasm is reached, the man (or woman) simply squeezes the penis just below the head or glans. This can stop a man from reaching orgasm and help control premature ejaculation.

Sex Positions – By changing the sex position, a man may have greater control over premature ejaculation. Oftentimes premature ejaculation is facilitated by too much tension in the body. Thus, positions like the "missionary" position may cause too much tension, as the man must support his weight with arms, legs, and back. Trying positions like lying on the back and allowing the woman to be on top can help relax the body and may facilitate more control over premature ejaculation.

Sexual Techniques – Slowing down the rhythm of intercourse can have tremendous effects on controlling premature ejaculation. If a man simply pumps in and out at a fast rate, it causes much stimulation to the penis. Trying techniques like inserting the penis just an inch or so into the vagina for a few times, then thrusting fully into the woman, using a slow pace, can help control premature ejaculation and prolong the pleasure for both parties.

Masturbating Before Sex – When a man has an orgasm the latency, or time until the next orgasm can be reached, becomes much longer. Having the man masturbate an hour or so before sexual intercourse can usually help a man exert more control over premature ejaculation during sex.

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