Ejaculation Trainer

Who wants to have better sex? If you didn't raise your hand, you are part of a small minority. Most people, both men and women, want to improve their sex life. For most people, sex is already fulfilling, and they may simply want to find variation and other ways to enhance sex. For others, there are issues that they would like to fix.

Men particularly may be looking for something to help them achieve and maintain erection, improve their sex drive, and grow a larger penis. Almost one-third of all men are looking for a way to help last longer during sex. That's right, about 30% of all men suffer from premature ejaculation (PE).

Premature ejaculation affects tens of millions of men in America, and hundreds of millions around the world. With such a large population affected by premature ejaculation, one would think there is a simple solution similar to the "little blue pill" for erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, there is no FDA-approved treatment for premature ejaculation.

One of the reasons there is no easy solution is that there are many possible causes for premature ejaculation. Many believe premature ejaculation is due to psychological reasons and that therapy and counseling can help. Others say it is genetic and is basically untreatable. Some medical professionals say prescription antidepressants or herbal supplements can help.

Can You Train Away Premature Ejaculation?

Still other professionals say that the male orgasm is a skill that can be enhanced through practice and exercise. One of those professionals is Matt Gordon who has developed the Ejaculation Trainer manual.

The Ejaculation Trainer is not an herbal supplement, a topical cream, nor a device used to help a man delay his orgasm. Rather, the Ejaculation Trainer is a dowloadable Ebook that contains a "proven method" of helping men last longer in bed. The methods are self-help exercises and techniques designed to help a man control his orgasm and delay ejaculation. And the methods are so effective that Mr. Gordon claims that results can be instantly realized.

How Ejaculation Trainer Works

Through his Ebook, Matt Gordon takes a look at the possible causes of premature ejaculation. For many men, we are trained from an early age to masturbate quickly so as we don't get "caught in the act." Many men don't get past the natural instinct of climaxing quickly, which is a basic animal instinct in order to spread one's seed and continue the population of the species.

Other men may have anxiety and stress issues that transfer into the bedroom causing premature ejaculation. And some men simply have an over-sensitive penis.

Matt Gordon takes a look at these possible causes and lets men know that it is acceptable and normal to have such problems. And he lets them know they can do something about it – right away. He provides physical exercises that help strengthen the PC muscle under the penis that is utilized during ejaculation, as well as breathing exercises that help calm and relax a person. He also provides techniques to help increase the time it takes to climax, and effectively delay orgasm, thus prolonging the sexual experience.

The system is highly regarded and popular. Whether it works or not is really up to the individual. If a man can learn to take control over his bodily functions as Matt Gordon explains, then it can certainly be a very effective way to beat premature ejaculation and have a more enjoyable sex life.

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