Know Your Body

Sex is a major basic need for most men. As the old joke goes, once a man is pushed out of the vagina, he spends the rest of his life trying to get back in. So it is no wonder and no surprise that men have sex on their mind a good portion of any given waking day.

However, though men dream of sex a lot, when it comes time to engage in sexual activity, many men have trouble – but not necessarily with gaining an erection. Besides, there's a little blue pill that can help with that. No, almost one out of every three men suffers from premature ejaculation (PE).

Premature ejaculation can drastically reduce the time that a man is engaged in the sexual act. Worse, it can have a major negative impact on relationships with women if his partner is not sexually satisfied.

Unfortunately, there is no single solution or "cure" for premature ejaculation. But the good news for men is that the outlook is positive for being able to control the problem. There are many possible remedies to help a man delay his orgasm and prolong sex with his partner. One of the natural ways not requiring a medical prescription is simply getting to know one's body better in order to control the ejaculation function.

How does a man get to know his body? Most men may think they know themselves pretty well, but are surprised at how little they actually know about their psyche or biological or physiological functions. Here are a few tips that can help you get to know your body better and get on the way to controlling PE.

See A Therapist or Counselor

In order to know your body, you must be able to know your mind. A professional therapist or counselor can help you cope with or solve emotional issues that are related to premature ejaculation, such as anxiety, self-esteem, self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, or hyper-excitability.

Practice Masturbating Slowly

Many experts believe that premature ejaculation may be rooted in the fact that most men learn to "come" quickly when they begin to masturbate at puberty. Most young men have a fear of getting caught in the act of masturbating so they do it quickly.

However, rather than transferring this quickie process with your sex partner, you can take the time when you masturbate to find the sensations and rhythms that help delay an orgasm. Practice slow stimulation, different stroke techniques, and stopping if necessary to delay orgasm. Learn to control the pubococcygeus or PC muscle which is used and contracted during ejaculation. Practicing on your own can have a big impact on your real sex life with a partner.

Breathing/Meditation Exercises

Don't forget to know your body spiritually and mentally as well. Breathing techniques and meditation can help you relax and gain mental control over your body. Slow inhalations and exhalations are good for meditative practice. Also practice mental imaging that helps you visualize the sexual outcome that you want, particularly a longer-lasting sexual experience with your partner.

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