Pacing Your Rhythm

While you're in the middle of a great sexual experience with your woman, the last thing you want to think about is stopping everything and changing pace. Unfortunately, if you're like one out of every three guys in the world, you may suffer from premature ejaculation (PE), and a change in rhythm may just be the solution to extend your lovemaking and help your partner enjoy the experience before you say, "I'm sorry."

One of the main things that most men have to remember (and women frequently have to remind) is that sex is not a race! Delaying ejaculation and extending your sex time can be as simple as avoiding the rush and taking command of your uncontrollable urge to orgasm. And controlling the pace of sex through your rhythm is one of the best conscious ways of doing so.

Here are a few tips at pacing your rhythm during sex so you can last longer and be sure to please your lover:

Slow Strokes

One problem with younger and less experienced men is that they are in a rush to enter the vagina, and then they start thrusting at a rabbit-sex frenzy. Unless you're having sex in a public place and are afraid of getting caught, start taking your time.

Once the penis has entered the vagina, stop. Don't start pumping like a piston right away. Kiss for a while. Slowly rotate your hips so your penis simply "swirls" inside the vagina. Take extra-long and slow thrusts.

Better yet, a slow stroke technique that usually makes a woman beg for more is by entering your penis about an inch inside the vagina, just so the head or glans is inside. 'Swirl' around or make slow indications of entering, but don't enter all the way. Then about every 15 seconds thrust all the way inside.

These types of slow techniques can help you prevent premature ejaculation and will definitely help get your woman excited.


One rhythm-pacing method is to simply stop before you 'come.' While having sex as normal, learn to feel when an orgasm is almost eminent. Then rather than continuing thrusting the penis in and out, stop. Let the urge subside for a while. Then continue.

Let Your Woman Lead

One way to help avoid premature ejaculation is by letting the woman take the lead. No matter what position you're using, allow the woman to use her hips, hands, and body to guide your thrusting rhythm. You may be surprised at the slower pace she takes.

Change Positions

By changing positions, you can change your pace. When you feel the orgasm urge coming on, stop. Rotate to a new position, and try again. Usually positions where the man's body is less tense, such as the man lying on the bed with the woman on top, is more relaxing and can help the man delay premature ejaculation.

Remember, sex is not a race. Take control of your sexual rhythm and learn techniques and positions that will help you last longer and please your lover more.

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