As far back as written record goes, women have been complaining about how their male sex partners climax too soon and how they are left unsatisfied in the bed. While most men would love to have infinite control over his own orgasm and ejaculation, providing hours of pleasure for their women, the fact is that about 30% of all men suffer from premature ejaculation (PE).

Premature ejaculation is a common problem. So common, in fact, that for every three men on the street, one of them is very likely to have problems with premature ejaculation. What are women to do if they want to enjoy sex longer? Choose only men with total climax control and never-ending endurance? Not a likely or realistic choice!

What women and men can do to improve their sex life and treat premature ejaculation is try one or more of the many remedies that can work. While there is no single "cure" for premature ejaculation, there are a variety of potential treatments that can help a man stay longer during sex and delay orgasm, providing much more relief and pleasure for his woman. One of the treatments available that is aimed directly at men with premature ejaculation is Prejac.

What is Prejac?

Prejac is an herbal supplement pill designed and formulated specifically with ingredients that can help a man last longer in bed. It is not available in retail stores, but can be purchased online and delivered by mail.

Prejac Active Ingredients

Prejac is formulated with all-natural ingredients approved for use and consumption in the US by the FDA. The active ingredients include the following:

  • Yi Zhi Ren Extract – This is a Chinese herb that is known to treat many ailments, particularly toward the spleen or kidney. However, it also can help with the production of sperm and help control ejaculation.
  • St. John's Wort – This is a common natural herb that is used to treat people with depression. It helps provide a general feeling of well-being and can reduce anxiety.
  • Passion Flower – The Passiflora Caerulea, or Passion Flower, is a plant native to South America. This natural ingredient is also a common treatment used to reduce anxiety.
  • 5-HTP – Also known as 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan, this chemical is found typically in natural plants such as the Griffonia Seed Extract and is a main chemical that helps regulate serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the chemical that helps produce good feelings, relaxation, and helps fight anxiety.

Prejac also contains melatonin, which is a chemical in the body that helps with relaxation, as well as Vitamin B-6 that is thought to help improve serotonin levels.

Does Prejac Work Against PE?

Prejac does contain good natural ingredients that help combat stress and anxiety, which are believed to be main root causes of premature ejaculation. However, as a full treatment for premature ejaculation, Prejac falls short. There are no libido enhancements, nor is there scientific data that supports Prejac as a full treatment for premature ejaculation.

With the ingredients included, it may be a good supplement to take along with other premature ejaculation treatments, such as therapy, counseling, exercise, and sex techniques.

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