Premature Ejaculation Creams

If premature ejaculation (PE) is a regular problem for you, then you also probably know there are a number of different types of remedies you can try to prevent or delay ejaculation. Remedies include therapy or counseling to help cope with psychological issues, medical prescription pills that have a delay effect on ejaculation, and other self-help techniques to use before or during sex.

One method that has had a positive effect for many men is the use of a topical cream. Creams that help prevent premature ejaculation are by prescription only, as they contain a topical anesthetic such as lidocaine or benzocaine.

The proper use of topical creams is to apply to the penis before engaging in sexual intercourse, usually between 20 minutes and 120 minutes before starting sexual activity. The active ingredients in the cream will help to numb the sensation in the penis and hopefully allow the man to enjoy sex longer before ejaculating.

How Creams Work

The topical anesthetics in creams are typically used in medical procedures such as applying stitches or other dermatological procedure on the skin. The anesthetic affects the neurotransmitters in the skin and delays or prevents stimulation from reaching the brain through the nerve endings.

When this procedure is applied to the penis, the idea is to reduce the sensation of the penis when it is erect. Creams usually do not have a negative effect on arousal, but rather just the stimulation effect when the penis is touched or stroked. By reducing the sensation, the man should take longer to reach a climax and effectively delay ejaculation.

Problems With Using Creams

While topical anesthetic creams may be useful for some men, it is not always a viable solution for all men with premature ejaculation. Here are some possible negative effects of using a cream.

  • No effect at all – For some men, the topical anesthetic cream solution has no impact at all on delaying ejaculation. This may be a number of other root causes, such as an over-sensitive penis that is prone to any kind of stimulation or pressure, or even psychological issues that creams cannot overcome.
  • Lost sensation inside the vagina – If the cream is not completely cleaned off of the penis after use, then the woman may suffer from lost sensation in her vagina due to miniscule remnants of the anesthetic. This can be an added problem for the woman taking longer than normal to reach climax as well.
  • Trial and error – The topical cream may take many tries before finding the right combination of amount of application to use, how long to leave the cream on the penis, and how soon to use before attempting sex.
  • Extreme planning – Using a desensitizing cream takes away much of the spontaneity of sex. A couple must plan almost to the minute when to use the cream and when sex can occur during a "window" of effectiveness.

While an anesthetic cream is not for all men, it certainly has its place in the category of premature ejaculation remedies. Talk to your doctor to see if this possible remedy might be for you.

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