Premature Ejaculation Gels

How do you solve the problem of premature ejaculation (PE)? If you suffer from this problem, be assured that you are not alone. About 30% of all men suffer from premature ejaculation on a regular basis, and even more. In fact, possibly up to 70% or more men experienced premature ejaculation infrequently or at some point in their lives.

How can a man solve this problem? Unfortunately, there is no one solution, but there are a number of remedies that may help. One of those remedies is a topical gel.

Gels aimed at helping premature ejaculation are a solution that is applied directly to the penis with the intention of numbing some of the sensation. The numbing effect is due to topical anesthetics like benzocaine or lidocaine. The gel is applied and kept on the penis for a short while, then wiped clean before engaging in sexual intercourse. The intended result is that a man takes longer to reach orgasm due to lessened sensation in the penis.

Benefits of a Gel

  • Longer-lasting sex – If the gel works like it should, you should be able to delay your orgasm due to less stimulation of the penis. You won't lose all sensation, but the numbing effect will provide just enough stimulation to allow you to reach orgasm, only taking much longer to do so.
  • Harder, longer-lasting erection – Some topical gels contain other herbal elements that are supposed to help and stimulate blood flow to the penis. This can help an erection become harder and last longer.

Cons of Using Gels

  • Prescription needed – A numbing gel contains topical anesthetics that are only available through a prescription from your doctor.
  • Doesn't work – Like any remedy for premature ejaculation, there is a possibility that gels won't work for you. Some men simply have an over-sensitive penis, and any amount of stimulation or pressure causes a quick orgasm and subsequent ejaculation.
  • Less enjoyment of sex – The very thing that makes sex so great is what is being turned off with a desensitizing gel. If the penis feel very little or no sensation after using a gel, then the enjoyment is lost.
  • Desensitization of the vagina – An unfortunate side effect of using desensitizing gels is that the woman may lose sensation in her vagina once the penis has been inserted. If any amount of lidocaine or benzocaine still remains on the penis, the woman may also find that it is difficult to reach orgasm due to lost sensation.
  • A lot of trial and error – A topical gel is not a solution that may work the first time, or even the second or third time. It may take a while and many 'trial and error' attempts to find out how much gel to use, how long to leave it on, and how to completely wipe it off so it does not affect your partner.
  • Reliance – If the desensitizing gel method actually works, then there may be a chance that a reliance is built on the gel in order to have sex.

As mentioned, there are a number of different ways to help a man cope with premature ejaculation. If you think a topical gel may be a solution for you, talk to your doctor and see about getting a prescription.

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