Premature Ejaculation Herbs

From the time men begin puberty and discover masturbation, they are self-trained to reach orgasm quickly to avoid the embarrassment of being caught. Indeed, it is ingrained in males at a young age to climax and ejaculate as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately for many men, that habit carries over into adulthood. In fact, almost one-third of all men, 30% to be more exact, suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) as an adult man in all age groups. That means whether you're 17 or 87, you are just as likely to suffer the effects of premature ejaculation and experience disappointing sexual escapades due to the condition.

While there are so many men who suffer the effects of premature ejaculation, there is no singular cure that solves the problem. The FDA has approved no drug to cure premature ejaculation. However, there are a number of potential remedies that men with premature ejaculation can try, including therapy and counseling, self-help exercises, antidepressant medication, and ever herbal supplements.

What are some of the more popular herbal supplements aimed at treating premature ejaculation? Here is a look at a few:

Passion Flower (also known as Blue Passion Flower or Passiflora coerulea)
The Passion Flower is the seed from the flower native to Brazil and Argentina. This herbal remedy is known for its anti-anxiety effects similar to Valium. But unlike Valium, the Passion Flower effects are an all-natural product that does not cause sedation or muscle relaxation. This is a type of herb also used widely by body-builders to maximize testosterone effects in the body. In a similar way, the Passion Flower herb can help a man with premature ejaculation by increasing the transport and levels of serotonin.

Ginkgo Biloba
Highly regarded herb and widely used as a memory aid, Ginkgo Biloba helps with the oxygen transportation system in the body, specifically to the brain and penis. Ginkgo Biloba may help with performance of the male sex organs and even dramatically improve sexual endurance and vitality.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
Sometimes referred to as the "Herbal Viagra," this herb is said to help improve blood flow to the penis and even help prolong the duration of an erection. These seeds can boost libido and improve sex drive.

Tribulus Terristris
This flowering plant is found in warmer tropical and temperate regions such as southern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. This herb has been promoted as a sexual dysfunction supplement since the 1970s after a study concluded that it had great effect and positive results with infertile couples. This herb is believed to help increase natural testosterone levels in the body and improve sexual performance.

Herbal supplements are a great way to try and combat premature ejaculation. While no prescription is necessary, these herbal remedies may still be quite expensive to acquire. Be sure you research the ones that you think might work for you.

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