Premature Ejaculation Oils

Sexual activity in the 21st century is experiencing a new revolution. Much like the sexual revolution of the 1960s, more people are engaging in casual sex and sex for pleasure, as opposed to saving sex strictly for marriage.

Indeed, there are many reasons for the 21st century sexual revolution. Sex has become safer once again thanks to the acceptance and wide use of condoms, as well as a wide variety of other birth control options. Men of all ages have been provided the gift of increased libido and sustained erection thanks to Viagra. And more people are getting married later in life, saving their youth to explore relationships and sex.

But one of the problems that still affect many men is premature ejaculation (PE). Premature ejaculation is not necessarily an inhibitor to sex, but can create a great deal of frustration, embarrassment, and anxiety to perform in bed. While all men and women want to have great sexual experiences in bed, the fact is that nearly one-third of all men experience premature ejaculation.

Can Medicated Oils Help?

So how can a man who suffers from premature ejaculation deal or cope with their situation? One option is applying a medicated or herbal oil to the penis in order to help delay orgasm and ejaculation and help to prolong sex.

Oil-based remedies usually come in two categories: prescription and over-the-counter herbal remedies. In either case, the oils are usually created with a water-based lubrication base that doubles as a sexual lubrication – an added benefit!

Here is a look at what types of oils you may find that can help remedy premature ejaculation.

Prescription Oils

A topical anesthetic can be prescribed in oil form to help men deal with an over-sensitive penis. Topical anesthetics are used to provide a 'numbing' effect to the penis and lessen the sensation of sexual stimulation. By doing so, the man can hopefully delay orgasm and enjoy longer-lasting sex. However, using a topical anesthetic also may cause the woman to lose sensation inside her vagina after the penis has been inserted.

Herbal Oils

Most premature ejaculation oils are based on an herbal recipe. Here are a few of the more common ingredients:

  • Clove oil – Clove oil has been researched as a possible remedy for premature ejaculation.
  • Mustard and sesame oil – This combination of oils rubbed gently onto the penis has been known to have a heating effect and helps stimulate blood flow to the penis. Additional circulation helps dilate blood vessels and make it easier to sustain an erection and may help delay ejaculation.
  • Asari Root – The Chinese herb asari is used in oils to help men gain a longer-lasting erection and prolong sexual activities.

Do Oils Work?

There are many reasons and causes of premature ejaculation. Because there are so many possible issues at stake, including psychological, relationship, as well as biological, oil remedies may or may not be effective.

Medical professional do not advocate herbal oils as an effective remedy for premature ejaculation. However, it is up to the men affected by premature ejaculation to try different remedies and find one that works.

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