Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Most men want to enjoy longer-lasting sex. Sure, quickies have a place in the sexual catalogue, but when it comes to enjoying sex, more is better, right? Alas, for almost one-third of all men, the desire to have longer-lasting sex may be there, but the physical reality of premature ejaculation (PE) prevents that dream from happening most of the time.

When you think of one-third of all men having premature ejaculation, that is one out of every three men you see. That includes your friends, brothers, and if you're a woman, even possibly your own mate.

Thankfully, there are possible solutions for treating premature ejaculation, including physical exercise, counseling, and prescription medication. However, because PE affects such a wide number of men, there are many researchers developing other possible solutions and treatment, including topical sprays aimed at helping men sustain an erection longer and delay ejaculation.

Spray therapy usually has one of two intentions to battle premature ejaculation: helping blood flow to the penis or desensitizing the penis in order to delay orgasm. Here is a look at both herbal and prescription spray used to treat premature ejaculation:

Medicated Sprays

Researchers who want to develop a pharmacological solution to solve premature ejaculation look to many varieties of medications. One of them is a topical anesthetic applied to the penis. Medicated topical anesthetics contain lidocaine or prilocaine, and they can be manufactured into a variety of topical solutions including sprays, lotions, oils, and creams.

Medicated sprays have been found to work on some men. Research shows that men who suffer from severe premature ejaculation, or those who usually experience ejaculation just seconds or less than two minutes after stimulation begins, have a better chance at treating premature ejaculation with anesthetic sprays. Research shows that some men can delay orgasm up to three times longer.

Lasting one minute or three minutes is still up for debate as to whether this is a viable treatment. Considering that the average woman needs about 15 minutes of stimulation before reaching orgasm, this is still an issue for many couples. Plus, the topical anesthetic used in medicated sprays can affect the woman as well, causing the vagina to lose sensation after the penis has been inserted.

Herbal Sprays

Non-medicated herbal sprays have also been developed. These types of remedies contain only natural ingredients such as herbs, roots, and seeds that are available without a prescription. Herbal sprays are becoming more popular on the market. But while herbal sprays containing ingredients aimed at increasing blood flow to the penis may be touted as the "cure" for premature ejaculation, there is much debate whether herbal topical sprays work for most men.

Do Sprays Work?

Whether a spray is medicated with an anesthetic or contains natural herbal ingredients, only on a case-by-case basis can it be determined to be effective. There is no single "cure" for premature ejaculation, but men who suffer should explore various options, including medicated and herbal sprays, and determine if it works for them.

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