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For centuries, men have been looking for new products that will help them become the virile sex beast of their dreams – mainly because most men are not perfect in the sex department. Men have plenty of hang-ups about sex, such as improving the size of the penis, having more endurance in bed, getting an erection easier, maintaining erection, and even having a stronger sex drive. And one big problem that most men do not like to admit is the problem of premature ejaculation (PE).

Premature ejaculation affects up to 30% of all men in all age categories. That's a lot of men who can't last very long in bed, but would like the right remedy to help them delay ejaculation so they can enjoy sex longer and be able to please their partner. Alas, there is not a "little blue pill" that can help men delay ejaculation and instantly improve their sex life. In fact, there is no FDA-approved treatment at all.

Thus, to help with this issue, new products are frequently introduced to help men combat premature ejaculation. One of those products that has gained popularity is the ProSolution Pill. The ProSolution process is a "100% Safe" all-natural remedy that men can take orally to help with a number of aspects of their sex life, including premature ejaculation.

What Does ProSolution Do?

The ProSolution pill was developed mainly as an herbal remedy for "male enhancement." Though that is a rather vague remedy, the brand is widely marketed as a way to make a man's penis larger, enjoy harder and longer-lasting erections, and have more sustaining power during sex.

What Are the Active Ingredients in ProSolution?

The ProSolution pill is manufactured using a number of natural ingredients, and proprietary compounds. Here is a rundown of the main ingredients and what they do to improve a man's sex life.

  • Solidilin – This is a chemical compound that has been trademarked by the makers of ProSolution. The makers say that this compound has been shown to improve sexual motivation in test animals. As well, the compound contains L-Dopa, which is a pre-cursor to dopamine, a pleasure transmitter in the brain.
  • Drilizen – Another proprietary herbal formula that is intended to release nitric oxide. This can help prolong a man's erection. Also, Drilizen can help regulate the secretion of testosterone.
  • Taj and Safflower – These are natural ingredients that help improve blood flow, particularly to the penis. This helps with getting and maintaining an erection, and possibly helps increase the size of an erection.
  • Reishi Mushroom – This fungus contains anti-oxidant properties that is meant to improve sense of spirit and vitality.
  • Shatavari – Believed to help males who suffer from impotence, this promotes a calming effect and reduces nervousness and anxiety.

Does it Work?

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